Monday, October 21, 2013

sticky situation

1. to come up with ideas for my sticky situation projects i thought of situations are i think would be pretty bad to be in and naturally teen pregnancy was one of the situations i came up with.
2.  I was able to think outside the box this project i finally used my creative thoughts instead of making some boring dull project because its easy. I actually had a good idea for this project i felt.
3. I incoporated repeitetion by using the word no again and again throughtout the piece and the background.
4. i used paint for my project and it was ok i was better at drawing and painting it would be great I did alright with my current skills with the paint.
5. I honsetly cannot remember what mini lessons you are talking about I just painted this project i didnt really feel like i was using any new skills

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

up close and personal

1. I thought  of some things for up close and personal like an eye or a persons face however i couldnt really expand on this ideas i drew this toucans face instead.
2.I think i put emphasis on the beak of toucan by making it stand out from the rest of the picture by using different types of greens.
3. i choose prism colors because you can mix a lot of them and theyre easy to use and good look.
4. i really didn't take any risks on this project my project was pretty simple and hard to mess up.
5. I used technique in this piece by using prism colors to make the toucans face pop out