Thursday, January 16, 2014

lizard thing

in completing this project i learned how to make sculptures using plaster strips. it is a very easy way of making a sculptures. to create this lizard i first forged a body out of newspaper then got plaster strips put them in water and then applied them to the paper body. the result in the plaster harden to create the lizard. i made some mistakes along the way mainly just not smoothing out the plaster enough. I then painted the sculpture in order to bring it to life. i had something like an iguana in mind when making this lizard but it looks something more monitor lizard. i chose green because mainly it was easy i added the strips and other colors to color it up and yep thats how the lizard was made.

mixed media

 1. I showed  amusement in my piece by combing many elements in a colorful way and combined many themes to create variety my piece is more about imagining and question than amusement. the combination of color helped the piece a lot.
2.I  combined magazine pictures on a poster background and used colorful pieces of paper to color the background .
3. they didn't play that much of a role in my piece it was something that couldn't be planned only done.
4. I had to dig through magazines to find worthy material and but i had the ideas for it already it was a project that didn't present any resistance.